About Hakosoft

Hakosoft is a leading software development and outsourcing company founded in 2006. We started in Indonesia, and become one of the first software companies in the country. Since then, we have helped hundreds of companies spread all over the world, including: United States, Indonesia, Japan, and China

If quality is your concern, we have it covered. Hakosoft has the best expert teams ready to work with you. Our Head of Development graduated from Texas A&M University with Magna cum laude in Computer Science. And most of our project managers have certification from Microsoft

We always delivers big-time results, and providing superior software solutions for our clients. As of December 2015, we have helped more than 600 (six hundred) companies with their software needs


"Very sophisticated and professional service. I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend Hakosoft to my friends"
~ Hokky Supermarket, IDN

"I very appreciate for the opportunity to meet and discuss offshore Software development between Japan and Indonesia. We really glad that we meet Hakosoft. They are very professional all the way to the end. Thank you!"
~ Sky Planning Inc, JPN

"Our desire and developer’s expertise makes developing complicated software for oil palm plantation possible. Good communication resulted in great application. Thank you for Hakosoft for creating [Harvest Management System], exactly just like we need them to be"
~ PT Central Warisan Indah Makmur, IDN

"Hakosoft has been working with us for several years. In that time, that have proven themselves to be hard-working, solving our problems, and has maintained high standards for their works. Hakosoft have ability to excel in any kind of job, and we really recommend them"
~ eMetric LLC, USA

"Very satisfying experience and great result just like we want it. Every problem is handled fast and detailed. Big thanks to you guys, my business now runs faster and more efficient"
~ Maroonstarzz, IDN

"It was a good experience knowing Hakosoft. They were willing to work hard to meet my deadline. Whenever I have problems, they would respond right away. Excellent service and software. Keep up the good work!"
~ Sari Bumi Rice Miller, IDN

"My old software took around 20 seconds to search through 10 years of data. I consulted with many software company, and every single one says that there is nothing I can do about it since the data is too large. Then I found Hakosoft. Guess what? Now the program runs twice as fast! It only take 10 seconds to return the same search that originally took 20 seconds. Hakosoft really knows what they are doing"
~ Diesel Utama, IDN

"I never thought such a great software house existed in Indonesia. They might be one of the most expensive software house in the country, but they are definitely the best! Well, quality comes with a price, and I have no regret in paying Hakosoft"
~ CV Manunggal Sejati, IDN

And more than 600 (six-hundred) other companies is satisfied with our service!!!

Note: If you need software in Bahasa and for use in Indonesia only, please visit Sinarsoft, the best software house in Indonesia. They have boxed accounting software, retail software, and even customized software

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