Outsource Software Project

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What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is basically letting Hakosoft to handle your company's work. We reports and delivers to you, and you deliver to your client with minimal amount of works. By outsourcing your work to Hakosoft, you will cut down labor costs, get extra workforces, increase efficiency, and reduce risk on your software project

Why Hakosoft?

We are the expert!
We have helped many people and companies all over the world since 2006. They become successful after using our software!
(see who they are & what they say)
Reduce Labor Cost
Living cost in our country is lower than most others. This translates to significantly less expensive workforce. And since we are the largest software company in the country, we have the most skillful people working for us. You will get the best quality for only the fraction of price
Increase Efficiency
Our expertise and tons of experiences make us able to work at lightning speed. And time zone differences can sometimes make your company literally work for 24-hour a day. We will work when you sleep
Great Communication
Many of our staff are fluent in English. Our Head of Development graduated from Texas A&M University with Magna Cum Laude. And most of our Project Managers are graduates from English speaking country (USA, Australia, Singapore). So, communication won't be a problem for us

How to Start?

Please contact us, explaining what you need as clearly as possible. We will get back to you ASAP

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