.NET Library for Card Swipe (EDC) Machine

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What is EDC Machine?

EDC machine is simply a card swipe machine that let you accept payment using cards

EDC Problem in Indonesia

Curently in Indonesia, almost all EDC machine works like the following:

So, there are at least 3 steps just to process a card. This is a waste of time, and very prone to error (ex: Sales amount = IDR 100,000; but cashier accidentally input IDR 10,000 on EDC)


Hakosoft has created ASP .NET library that can be used for most commonly used EDC machine from BCA's (Bank Central Asia), one of the largest bank in Indonesia, that will simplify EDC processing to 1 step!

By using this library, you can integrate your software to most EDC machine in Indonesia within minutes! You will save a lot of development cost and time, while adding a very high value to your software!

Who Can Use This Library?

Programmers or software house will be able to easily integrate our library to their software
If you are a business owner and would like have this feature on your software, you can simply buy this library, and ask your software vendor (or whoever made your software) to integrate it to your software

How to Buy?

1. Buy the license
2. Check your email
All files and instructions will be
sent to the email you
entered on purchase
  • Only works with EDC machine from BCA (Bank Central Asia). This is the most common machine in Indonesia
  • The library is created for ASP .NET 3.5
  • Can be used for any number of customer/PC as long as the license is valid (not expired)
  • If the license expired, library will stop working (including ones in your customers)
  • If you have questions, please email us at support@hakosoft.com BEFORE purchasing. All sales are final and non-refundable

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