Make Custom Software and App

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What is Custom Software?

There are a lot boxed/ready-to-use software exist. However, sometimes your business need something very specific that this kind of software cannot provide. In this case, you may need to create one. With custom software, you can basically create anything you need and want

Why Hakosoft?

We are the expert!
We have helped many people and companies all over the world since 2006. They become successful after using our software!
(see who they are & what they say)
Highest Quality Possible
Other than having tons of experiences in software fields, we are also commited to bring you the highest quality possible by limiting the number of projects we working on simultaneously
We Can Work With Your Budget
Since we create app from scratch, we can make app with only the features you need to save money. And when your business grows after using our software, you can add more features
Best Support Team & Prompt Response
We understand that your company cannot wait. That's why we have the best support available just for you

How to Start?

Please contact us, explaining what you need as clearly as possible. We will get back to you ASAP

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